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Mental Health Moments – May

May felt like a very long month. Along with the lovely weather the busy month has provoked a lot of thought for me in relation to psychology.

On Twitter, May was full of tweets with the hashtag #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. This was a great hashtag to see as an individual who is aspiring to be in the mental health profession. I loved the idea that people who knew each other, those who did not know one another and organisations, were coming together for support! I thought it was great to see organisations come together because it showed me that they are acknowledging mental health in many professions and becoming more aware of the situations that many face. It was also extraordinary to read some personal stories and tips that people we so kind to share! Though this was really positive to see, my hope is that the awareness around mental health continues beyond dedicated weeks to speak and encouragements to seek help.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is the increase of media attention in Mindfulness. Personally, I have such a big interest in the way the mind and body are in sync and Mindfulness has always intrigued me. Saying this, it’s not something that I tried! Thankfully, one of the trusts that I work with has a five week course and I am thrilled to start after my taster session today – it was an amazing experience.

Just like one of the documentaries I watched, another reason I chose to take part in Mindfulness was to see how it could help me understand the impact it has on service users as well as on my personal life. Today was my first session and it was great for me to do this with a group of service users. One of the most interesting things for me was to see how it worked tremendously for some, and how for others it was a really hard task to do. Just 10 minutes focusing on my present moment did wonders. If there is anything that I can recommend trying, it would definitely be Mindfulness. I understand that in many cases medication is required, however trying something that can be done at home, alone and without medication can really positively impact your life. If you’d like to try some Mindfulness at home, have a look on your phones app store to try it out.

There is so much that goes on daily, weekly and monthly that these moments cross my mind often and how they impact the world of psychology. If you’d like to keep in the loop, subscribe and follow for more blogs 🙂

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