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Bilou Product Review

Bilou very kindly sent me their new products to try and I have to say, I am in love with this high-street, affordable brand and their scents!*

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The three products that I was sent were:

  1. Pink Melon Creamy Shower Foam
  2. Coco Cocktail 2 in 1 bodyspray
  3. Fizzy Berry Creamy Shower Foam
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Bilou is sold in Superdrug in the U.K and is a 100% vegan brand with a lot of care that has gone into each of the scents and creation of the products. As someone who loves beauty and skincare, but someone with sensitive skin, I love to see brands consulting dermatologists and using natural products. Without even using the products, I was impressed upon the standards!

Another detail that I love about the Bilou products is the scents that have been developed. For all three products I received, I loved each of the scents and had truly smelt nothing like them before. Upon first look, I did think that these could be quite childish and overpowering, but the natural make up of the products gives makes each of these scents incredibly more-ish.

Prior to this, I had never actually tried shower foams. I was quite sceptical and generally, they are pricier. I am so pleasantly surprised about how far a small amount of shower foam can be used, how moisturised I felt and how the scent stayed on me for a while. I can only put this down to the natural aspects of how the products are made.

The product that I was most keen to try was indeed the coconut bodyspray, which can double up, if you’d like, as a deodorant. My first impression upon seeing this was a bit apprehensive as I didn’t see how a body spray would have the same benefits of a deodorant but I have to say the scent of this 2in1 spray lasted a LONG time. I probably wouldn’t just use this solely as a deodorant but it’s a brilliant smelling body mist and I will 100% be buying more and trying more of the range.

For those of you in the UK, I would highly recommend going into Superdrug or checking Bilou out online because I thoroughly recommend their products. If you are someone who doesn’t like too overpowered scents, perhaps testing the range in store first is a better idea. The products that I was scent had lovely, long lasting fragrances, but I do understand that this is not everyone’s preference. Let me know if you purchase any of their products and how you get on with them.

*Regardless of being sent these products, all views are my own.

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