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Protect our World

Since the beginning of the year I’ve made some changes to my own personal life which have not only impacted myself, but also the environment around me.

Last year there were several instances in my life and in news articles that really resonated with me. It’s for these reasons that I decided to make positive lifestyle changes to benefit myself but also to preserve and protect our world.

First off, to improve my health I decided to change my diet, contrary to what I would’ve ever done before in my 22 years, and become completely vegetarian. I know this isn’t viable for everyone and I totally understand but for me, I’ve never actually felt better. The reason I changed my diet is because I found out my blood type in November – I’d always been interested in blood type diets as they always logically made sense to me. Our bodies know what we need and these specific diets must make us healthier. It may not make so much sense to everyone, but for me, an individual with several health conditions, I’ve found it’s working. I changed my diet and I tell you, some of my symptoms really are better.

A part of lifestyle changes really resides in motivation. The ulterior motive for me and changing my diet was my underlying motivation to feel better and I was determined to get some of my symptoms improved without medication. Education is another factor which really helped me make changes. Being informed about diet from dieticians and reliable, healthy sources helped me change my lifestyle in ethnical ways. Not only was I helping my body, but also the environment around me.

Honestly, before 2019 I would always say I could never give up meat and now I wouldn’t even think twice about missing it! I promise I’m not trying to convert you but there are many environmental benefits to not eating meat. There also many ethical benefits of preserving livelihood of animals. It is outrightly hypocritical to change and preach when my own diet was of the stark opposite for more than 20 years but being informed about what I eat changed many more behaviours than just my food.

Our environment is drastically changing. As the population increases, so do resources! But, unfortunately so does the amount of waste. There are many changes that are in place and that are coming but it’s tough when this isn’t an important factor considered for the future generations.

One way we can improve our environment is by reducing plastic use. Cut the straws, reduce unnecessary packaging and promote reusable items e.g. reusable bags. In actual fact, small changes that you make in your life, really contribute towards big differences. There are many places where plastic still needs to be cut down such as in supermarkets, but we are making small steps.

But what about other waste? Well, for food waste, if you’re in the UK we’re lucky that we have food waste bins that go towards compost or you can even make your own and home. We’re also lucky that there are increases in recyclable bins to encourage homes in the UK to recycle and appropriately reuse certain materials. But we’re not there with the amount of waste which goes to be disposed!

WUKA are an amazing brand which actually upon discovery, really helped and resonated with me making positive changes to the world. They’re an ethical company producing reusable underwear for women to prevent the use of sanitary products which contribute to the waste system! Change is coming and it is here. This is a new way to reduce waste and I think innovative ideas like these really are the way to change our future.

These underwear I’ve now had for a while and if I thought about the reduction of waste I’d contributed too over 12 months, then I actually am very proud. There is period poverty and these products are sometimes more expensive than cheaper, non-environmentally friendly products. But who is benefiting when we don’t invest in our environment? Sure, to put it crudely, some of us won’t be here to see the damage on the environment but on the contrary, some of us are oblivious as to what is happening before our eyes now. You can contribute to ending period poverty by donating sanitary products, but you can also invest in yourself by buying ethical sanitary products for yourself and your family. I promise I wouldn’t suggest anything that I haven’t tried and reviewed myself and this is a product which I know and love but also can appreciate the difference it makes to put environment.

These freak heatwaves in non heatwave countries and storms where we’ve never experienced before. These aren’t just coincidences. This is climate change. This is something we all contribute too no matter what our lifestyle or views are. But somehow, only some of us seem to make ecological differences.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect us all to change our diets and make drastic changes in our lives. What I kindly request is to protect our world. One small change contributes equally, dont just wait for others and don’t wait till it’s too late. Do it for you and your future generations. Brands like WUKA are taking steps now to protect our future and by supporting them and protecting our planet, we’re contributing to a greater goodness as opposed to an unknown of our future.

Thank you for reading this very long blog. It’s a different style to my usual psychological post but blogging about what matters to me is important. There is not nearly enough information out there to encourage positive change. But if you read this, I hope if anything, that the words resonated, if nothing else.

If you’d like to shop on WUKA, my readers can get a 10% off code with WITHYOUINMIND10.

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